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Custom AVI specializes in high-end custom home theater installation services and offers state of the art audio visual products in Toronto, Ontario.

From casual home theater setup to high-end custom home cinema installations in dedicated theater room, we can provide & install everything you need for a turn-key home theater system you’ll fall in love with.

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Home Cinema with Immersive Audio Visual

Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Immersive Surround Sound

Installing home theater speakers in proper locations is critical to achieve the best Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound based on seating area.

Custom AVI can help you design & install home theater system from wiring, speaker installation, wire management & full setup of AV components.

Home Theatre Projector

4K Projector with High Lumens

If you’re looking for best value home theater projectors, we strongly recommend Epson Pro Cinema series projectors for most home theaters because of their price to performance ratio.

You’ll be amazed watching movies in stunning 4K resolution, HDR & high color brightness with Epson Pro Cinema projectors.

Home Theater Projector

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“Knowledgeable, courteous, detail oriented and great value. 5 star execution and service.”
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Shane Stirling
“Professional and quick installation with lots of knowledge about the audio visual industry. I highly recommend.”
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Emily Hunt
“Excellent experience!! On time, full transparency regarding pricing, professional, and great installation! Would recommend whole heartedly.”
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Amer P
“Excellent service, very professional and helpful. Gave advice and explained every part of the job. Definitely recommend!”
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Projector Installation

Mid-range to higher end projectors are bulky & quite heavy. Thus, you need to rough-in solid structural support where the projector needs to be installed based on the throw distance for ceiling mount applications.

Our professional installers will calculate the projector throw distance, install framing where necessary & install a conduit to “future-proof” wiring from AV receiver to the projector location during construction or renovation.

Projector Screen
Sales & Installation

Choosing Projector Screen Type & Material

*When choosing a projector screen, you need to consider several things. Such as whether your theater room’s ambient light is fully controllable, color of your walls & ceiling, how wide viewing angle has to be based on seating positions, throw distance & brightness of your projector.

Stewart Filmscreen

Choosing Projector Screen

Projector screens come in many different styles such as fixed frame screen with thin bezel or traditional thick bezel, retractable screen, in-ceiling disappearing screens and etc…

Fixed frame screen is usually the best choice for dedicated theater room, while retractable screen may work better for multi-function room such as recreation room or living room.

Wherever you decide to setup your home theater, we can help you choose a screen that fits best for your room & install it for you.

Choosing projector screen materials

Choosing Projector Screen Material

Choosing the right projector screen material is absolutely crucial as this will greatly impact the quality of the image being projected from your projector.

Unquestionably, you’ll need to invest some of your time to research what to look for before buying or better yet, hire a professional company like Custom AVI to give you recommendation for your room.

For example, there are high & low gain screens, ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screens & perforated or weave screens that are acoustically transparent, which all affects how the image will look on the screen.

We offer the Best Home Theater Projector Screen Brands

Authorized Dealer

Stewart Filmscreen is a premium brand that is used as reference screens in hollywood studios for post-production viewing.

Every Stewart Filmscreen is hand-made and fully customizable in terms of size and materials you need for your theater.

Authorized Dealer

Cima is a subdivision of Stewart Filmscreen that targets a larger market that doesn’t require custom projector screen by offering preconfigured sizes & styles.

Same build quality as Stewart Filmscreen and exceptional value makes Cima very favorable.

Authorized Dealer

Severtson screens are used in AMC, IMAX & other theaters as well as in Warner Bros studios, NASA & etc.

Severtson offers wide range of projector screen types, sizes and prices.

Home Theater Speakers That fits your environment

Home Theater Speaker

Home theater speaker installation

Whether you want to go for clean look & space saving architectural (in-wall / in-ceiling) speakers installed for your theater or tower & bookshelf speakers placed throughout the room, we can determine the proper positioning of each speaker & install them for you.

Custom AVI offers pre-wiring services for homes that are under construction or under renovation which is the best time to run any wires / conduits needed for your home theater room.

Setting Up Immersive
Home Theater Audio

Home Theater Speaker Sales

In order to setup an immersive home theater sound experience, there are some important aspects to consider such as size, layout of the room & selecting right locations for each speaker placement to achieve the best sound.

We can give you recommendations based on our assessment and supply appropriate speakers for your home theater. We’re an authorized dealer for many brands of high quality speakers.

Home Theater Receiver Sales & Installation

Don’t be fooled by cheap AVRs that advertise as high-power home theater receivers. When comparing power output rating, you need to carefully examine what their measurement is based on by looking at how many channels are driven & at what THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) level to achieve the power they claim. This is important because some speakers are very power hungry & you’ll need the right AVR for certain applications.

We know what to look for in the spec sheet where average Joe would not know how to tell the difference. Custom AVI can help you select the right home theater receiver based on your desired speaker setup, wire them properly, calibrate sound & configure it for you the right way.

We Carry Top Home Theater AVR Brands

Marantz AVR
Authorized Dealer

Marantz is a premium AVR brand that only claims their true power output capability in their spec sheet & promises at least 70% of power output even when ALL channels are running in theatre environment.

Denon’s AVR-X series models
Authorized Dealer

Denon’s AVR-X series models are more realistic with their power output rating compared to their AVR-S series models. Denon comes from same company as Marantz – Sound United.

Onkyo AVR
Authorized Dealer

Onkyo is a premium AVR brand that makes quality home theater receivers. Some of their AV Receivers are THX certified which signifies their commitment to excellence in audio reproduction.

Authorized Dealer

NAD is a high-end audio brand known for their high-res audio with BluOS streaming. Their AVRs also include BluOS and made to perform as reference quality surround sound audio system.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Take control of the sound

Acoustic Treatment can greatly improve the sound of your home theater room. Every room sounds different due to many factors but mostly by the size & layout of the room. By adding combination of acoustic absorber and diffuser panels where necessary on the walls and ceiling like a real movie theater, you’ll hear the sound as it’s meant to be heard.

Noise Isolation

Lower noise transfer

Noise isolation or often referred to as “Soundproofing” minimizes the noise transferred to other parts of your home, thus containing the sound in your home theater room as much as possible while also improving the sound quality of your architectural in-wall / in-ceiling speakers.

Noise Isolation

Ways to Watch New Release Movies in your own theater

Cineplex Store

Cineplex Store App

Cineplex experience at home

Cineplex Store app can be installed on a Roku or Chromecast device to stream movies in HD that are still in theaters in your own cinema.


4K Movie Player & Movie Server

Kaleidescape is a premium movie player & server system that can playback 4K UHD with HDR support & lossless immersive audio such as Dolby Atmos & DTS:X even better than 4K Blu-ray players and most commercial theaters. 

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Movie Theater in the Comfort of Your Own Home


Your own private movie theater

In the comfort of your own home

Enjoy your favorite movies & shows in your own private home theater.

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