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Custom Home Theater Design & Installation Service Toronto

Custom AVI offers Home Theater Design Services for Custom Home Theater Installation in Toronto GTA. From home theater rough-in wiring to acoustic treatment to full integration of all home theater system AV components & setup.

First, we’ll visit your home to visually inspect the room and provide in-person consultation. This process is absolutely necessary for us to provision for any potential issues.

After the site survey, we’ll design your home theater that fits your budget & give you written estimate.¬†Upon your approval, we’ll deploy the system as per spec to the design.

Home theater rough-in wiring

Home Theater Design

Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Dolby Atmos home theater is the most popular type of immersive surround sound format nowadays.

Setting up Dolby Atmos is basically taking traditional 5.1 or 7.2 channel surround sound format and adding overhead speakers to create immersive 3 dimensional sound around you and above you.

Custom AVI provides complete Dolby Atmos home theater system equipment and installation. Contact us today!

Dolby Atmos Home Theater Setup

Dolby Atmos Demo

Custom Home Theater Rough-in & Installation

Custom home theater requires lots of wiring and prep work for installation of speakers, projector & AV receiver at a later date. Therefore, it’s best to rough-in all wires, conduits & framing where required during construction or renovation. See examples below.

Pre-wiring Speaker Cables

Pre-Wiring Speaker Cables

It’s imperative to pre-wire speaker cables before drywall is installed. Speaker back boxes can also be installed during prewiring stage in order to traps the sound in the room and for enhanced speaker performance.

*Low-voltage wires such as speaker wires & data cables are very sensitive to high voltage electrical wires. So, knowing the best wire pathway is crucial when it comes to pre-wiring cables.

Rough-in for Projector

There are 3 elements that must be roughed-in for Projector installation.

  1. Conduit (Innerduct) to future-proof wiring for connection between projector & AVR.
  2. Structural Support (Framing) for mounting projector.
  3. Electrical outlet to power the projector.
*Projector throw distance must be calculated before rough-in process takes place. Contact Custom AVI today for free consultation.
Rough-in for Projector

Native 4k Projectors

Sony VPL-XW7000ES native 4K laser projector
Authorized Dealer

Sony VPL-XW7000ES native 4K laser projector with life-like color reproduction & 3,200 lumens of brightness will make your screen dazzle. IMAX ENHANCED & HDR images without oversaturation.

JVC Logo
Authorized Dealer

JVC DLA-RS4100 is a native 4K reference series laser projector with ability to display 8K resolution using “e-shiftX” technology. Up to 3,000 lumens, HDCP 2.3, HDR10+, low latency mode & much more.

Best Native 4K Home Theater Projector

Digital Projection Satellite MLS
Digital Projection Logo
Authorized Dealer

If you want the best projector for your custom home theater, we recommend Digital Projection’s Satellite MLS (Modular Laser System).

Available in native 4K resolution & 8K upscale, up to whopping 40,000  lumens by combining up to 4 laser modules. This is one serious home cinema projector for high-end custom home theater setup.

Beauty of this modular system is that the lighting source can be installed up to 100m away from the projector head by utilizing fiber optics to carry the laser beam from each laser engine, thus providing more flexibility in terms of projector placement.

Contact us for more details & pricing info.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels come in all shapes & sizes including ones you can disguise as a picture frame with your favorite photo or movie poster.

There are mainly 2 types of acoustic panels – diffuser & absorber. They are also available as decorative lighting panels.

Escaping Sound

Without proper noise control, sound can travel throughout the home causing unwanted noise to be heard in rooms close by.

Escaping Sound
Noise Control

Noise Control

There are solutions to significantly trap the noise and minimize noise transfer to the rest of your home. It’s achieved by isolating the room from directly touching any framing around the room.

We have partnered with acoustic engineers to implement proper acoustic treatment. Contact us today for more info.

Kaleidescape Movie Player & Server

Take Home Cinema Experience to the Next Level

Take your home cinema experience to the next level by integrating Kaleidescape Movie Player & Server with better audio & video playback than most commercial theaters. This system offers high bit rate 4K UHD with HDR and lossless multichannel audio which truly brings out the full potential of your premium home theatre audio & video components.

Kaleidescape 4K
Kaleidescape 4K movie player & server


4K Movie Player & Server

Kaleidescape 4K movie player & server is the cherry on top to your high-end AV system.

Unleash the full potential of your custom home theater with Kaleidescape for maximum immersive audio visual experience.

Contact us for more info & pricing information.

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