Multi-Room Audio Installation

Multi-Zone Whole Home Audio Setup

Multi-Room Audio

System Sales, Wiring, Installation & Setup

Custom AVI offers multi-room audio system installation from wiring, speaker installation & setup of your favorite music streaming services.

Enjoy your favorite music in every room throughout your home with multi-room audio setup.

Multiroom Audio Installation

Left In-Ceiling Speaker

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Right In-Ceiling Speaker

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Front Right In-Ceiling Speaker

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Front Left In-Ceiling Speaker

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The Process

Pre-wiring Speaker Cables

Pre-wiring Speaker Cables

During renovation or under construction

Pre-wiring speaker cables properly during renovation or under construction phase is imperative to say the least.

Retrofit installation is also possible but it’ll require cutting drywall open in several locations to run wires which requires drywall repair and painting which adds extra costs.

Speaker Installation

In-Ceiling Speakers for multi-room Audio

You don’t have to see the speakers to hear the sound by installing in-ceiling architectural speakers throughout your home. We carry wide range of high quality speakers.

Speaker Installation
Multi-room Audio System

Multi-Room Audio System

Audio Distribution Setup

Multi-room audio system requires an amplifier & streaming source.

We are an authorized dealer for top tier brands of multi-room audio amps & streamers such as Sonos, Bluesound, NAD & more!

Play & Control Music

Stream Music & Control Multi-zones of audio
Stream your favorite music via smart phone or tablet app to play music in only certain rooms or entire home. We can even integrate voice control using smart assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa or JOSH.
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What Our Clients Say

“Knowledgeable, courteous, detail oriented and great value. 5 star execution and service.”
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Shane Stirling
“Professional and quick installation with lots of knowledge about the audio visual industry. I highly recommend.”
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Emily Hunt
“Excellent experience!! On time, full transparency regarding pricing, professional, and great installation! Would recommend whole heartedly.”
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Amer P
“Excellent service, very professional and helpful. Gave advice and explained every part of the job. Definitely recommend!”
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Brett Giesbrecht

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