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Network Installation & Wi-Fi Setup for Home & Business

Structured Cabling is where it all starts

Network Installation Service

Custom AVI offers structured cabling services as part of our Pre-Wiring Services for homes & offices, as well as retrofit wiring services for commercial buildings in Toronto GTA.

Structured cabling consists of data communication wiring infrastructure such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Coaxial, Fiber Optic, Audio & video cables that run from each area to one central location, called “Home Run”.

Properly designed & installed structured cabling will provide solid & reliable network performance for IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as routers, wireless access points, computers, smart TVs, audio distribution systems & smart home systems.

Network Wiring

Network Wiring

When to Install Network Wires

Especially for residential homes, any sort of cabling whether it’s network data, AV or electrical wires, cables should always be pre-wired during construction or renovation. Otherwise, retrofit installation to wire a whole house can cost thousands of dollars more and the hassle of drywall repair & painting afterwards will leave you with nothing but a headache.

Commercial buildings with drop ceilings can be approached more easily even for retrofit installation since the ceiling is accessible. Thus, drywall cutting is very unlikely in most cases.

Structured Wiring Panel

Structured Wiring Panel can be used for small scale network where there won’t be much network equipment to be installed. 

You can place modem, router & switch into a structured wiring panel as these panels are available in many different sizes. However, if you plan to setup audio/video distribution or smart home automation control system sometime in future, then you’ll definitely want a Rack for network & AV equipment to be installed.

Network Wire Termination

Network cable termination

If your home or business already has existing network cables such as Cat5e & Cat6 but without ends terminated with connectors or jacks, we can terminate them for you, so you can take advantage of hard-wired network connectivity.

If you only need to terminate just few cables, we have the network testing tools to trace each wire and only terminate the ones you’ll need.

Network Cable Termination with Patch Panel

We can install patch panel in the central area where all the network wires are running to and install Cat5e or Cat6 Jack wall plate in each room.

In addition to the above, many phone jacks that are found in modern homes, a lot of those cables are actually Cat5e cables terminated as RJ11 phone jacks which can easily be converted into RJ45 jacks, commonly known as Cat5e Ethernet jack.

Patch Panel Installation

Horizontal Patch Panel

Horizontal Patch Panel

Horizontal wall mount patch panel is ideal for situations where you don’t have enough network equipment to justify buying a Network Rack to facilitate all network gear.

Vertical Patch Panel Installation

Vertical Patch Panel

Vertical wall mount patch panel is ideal for areas where horizontal patch panel would protrude out too much taking up precious space.

Utilizing Existing Phone Jack or Coax Cable Jack for Network Connection

Converting Phone Jack to Ethernet Jack

Converting Phone Jack to Cat5e Ethernet Jack

Did you know that many existing telephone jacks (A.K.A RJ11 jacks) are often wired with Cat5e cables in most homes and businesses in Toronto?

If your telephone jack is wired with Cat5e cable, technicians at Custom AVI can easily convert that into a Cat5e Ethernet network jack.

How can you tell if you have Cat5e wire for Phone Jack? 

Phone jack wiring is low-voltage, so you can safely remove the phone jack wall plate and see if the cable has 8 conductors. If there’s 8 conductors, it’s most likely either Cat5e or Cat5 cable depending on the age of your building.

Converting Coax Cable Jack to Ethernet Connection

Coax cable jacks are very common in modern homes in Toronto. If your house isn’t pre-wired with Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet wires, you can take advantage of existing Coax cabling to convert that into Ethernet network jack.

Contact Custom AVI to find out how coax to ethernet conversion can be implemented for network connection!

Convert Coax Cable Jack to Ethernet

Cat5e | Cat6 | RJ45 Wall Jack Installation

Custom RJ45 Wall Plate

Custom RJ45 Wall Plate

Custom RJ45 jacks with other connections such as HDMI, Coax, BNC, Optical jacks can also be installed within the same wall plate. After installing the Cat5e or Cat6 keystone jack, we can label them on the wall plate & at the patch panel location for easy identification.

Color coded RJ45 Ethernet Jacks

Color-Coded Ethernet RJ45 Jacks

Color coded Ethernet jacks makes it easy to identify visually if they match from end to end. Upon your request, we can install different colored Cat5e or Cat6 keystone jacks and install matching keystone jacks by the patch panel for easy identification.

Crimping RJ45 Male Connectors

Crimping RJ45 Male Connectors

When installing PoE equipment such as Wireless Access Points or Door Bell or CCTV Cameras, it requires RJ45 male connector for connectivity. We can terminate Cat5e or Cat6 cable ends by crimping RJ45 male connectors to either T568A or T568B standards & test them for you.

Custom XLR & HD-SDI Wall Plate

Custom xLR & HD-SDI Wall Plate

Looking for totally custom wall plate from manufacturing? No problem! We can make custom wall plates to the specs you need. You can have pretty much any kind of jack you want installed on a wall plate such as XLR & HD-SDI connections and a lot more!

Cable Tracing & Testing

Fluke Link-IQ100 Tester

Network Testing Equipment

Not all network cable installation companies invest in high-end network tools & testing equipment.

Custom AVI uses state of the art, industrial grade network testing equipment from “Fluke Networks” which is regarded as the most sophisticated network tools manufacturer.

Network Cable Tracing

Do you have existing network wires without any labels on them? No problem!

We can trace each wire, terminate both ends, label them and test for continuity and analyze data throughput speeds.

If you need to check for PoE power strength, we can test that for you as well with our advanced network tester.

Network Cable Tracing & Testing
Network Test Results

Network Test Results

At your request, we can even export data cable test results to our laptop computer and send you testing report on PDF file for your record.

Mesh Wi-fi Setup

We can supply & help you setup a mesh wifi network in your home or business. We will strategically place the mesh nodes throughout the premises to create the best mesh network possible whether hard-wired or wireless. Nowadays, almost every electronic device relies on strong & reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to work at its best. Stay up to date with the latest Technology!

Traditional Wi-Fi Setup

Traditional Wi-Fi Setup

Traditional wireless router’s WiFi signal is usually only good for up to 1500 square foot coverage.

If you live in a house bigger than that, chances are, you probably have weak or dead Wi-Fi spots in your home. Before the mesh Wi-Fi network systems were available, many people resorted to adding access points or range extenders to improve the Wi-Fi signal but it can be such a hassle having to change Wi-Fi SSID manually jumping from router to access point or vice-versa. It just wasn’t really convenient at all for most people.

Mesh Wi-Fi Setup

Mesh Wi-Fi Setup

Mesh Wi-Fi network systems are designed to work with at least 2 or more mesh Wi-Fi nodes to create one large Wi-Fi network with single SSID. And you can keep on expanding your Wi-Fi coverage area by adding more mesh nodes if necessary. 

Mesh Wi-Fi works best when WAP nodes overlap each others signal. Mesh router & satellites communicate with each other to give you the strongest signal depending on where you’re located and where the closest WAP is broadcasting signal from.

PoE Mesh Wireless Access Point Installation

Installing multiple PoE Mesh wireless access points strategically throughout your premises will give you the best possible network coverage, hence eliminating dead-zones.

Ceiling mount PoE wireless access point installation

Ceiling Mount Wireless Access Point

Most effective way to minimize Wi-Fi interference and avoiding physical obstructions around WAP (Wireless Access Point) is to mount it on ceiling for optimal signal.

PoE Wireless Access Point Wall Mount Installation

Wall Mount PoE Wireless Access Point

PoE Wireless Access Points can also be installed on walls in situations where ceiling mount installation isn’t an option. Contact Custom AVI for PoE access point installation!

Network Installation

Connecting Network Equipment

Connecting Network Equipment

When installing network equipment, every cable connected each device such as modem, router, Ethernet switch & WAP should be labeled with machine generated labels which allows for easy identification and troubleshooting at a later point if necessary.

In addition to labeling cables at the network rack location, it’s also necessary to label each corresponding data jack wall plate and RJ45 male ends, such as for PoE Wireless Access Points or IP Cameras. You can rely on Custom AVI to professionally install your network!

Network Configuration

Network Management

Once all network components are installed, final process is to configure network with robust security settings, VLAN (where applicable) & SSID for primary Wi-Fi network and separate guest Wi-Fi network and make sure Modem/Router combo from ISP is set to “Bridge-Mode”.

Custom AVI highly recommends SDN enabled networking products especially for business network deployment and most residential network applications as well.

Network & AV Rack Installation

Network & AV Racks come in all different sizes & styles from mini racks to full size racks. Some racks are wall mountable, full size racks are on caster wheels, some have open frame and there are ones that are fully closed with glass door and locking mechanism.

Building an AV / Network rack requires consideration of weight distribution, thermal management, power management & etc…

Wall mountable rack installation

Network Rack Installation

Mini wall mountable rack can accommodate small network equipment such as network switch, router, patch panel & rack mountable power conditioner. This kind of setup is suitable for most small scale network in residential environment.

AV Rack Installation

AV Rack Installation

AV rack is essentially the same as network rack but also contains Audio / Video equipment in it. If you have multi-zone audio system such as Sonos Amp, you can put them into a rack for clean installation as photographed above.

Full-Size Rack Installation

Full Size Rack Installation

Full size racks are necessary for bigger network, AV systems and especially for home automation control systems where you need room for all kinds of rack mountable devices. In addition to that, you’ll want to leave some extra rack space for future expansion.

Server Rack Installation

Server Rack Installation

Server racks are typically used in commercial properties where it controls everything from network, audio, video, security, CCTV & etc.. Several full size racks are built next to each other to accommodate data communication between all devices.

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