Outdoor Audio Installation

Outdoor Audio Wiring & Setup in Toronto GTA

Outdoor audio

wiring, Installation & Setup

Custom AVI offers Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Services in Toronto GTA.

Full service from wiring, installing speakers outside & setting up amplifier inside your home.

Custom AVI offers everything you need to setup a complete outdoor audio system from outdoor speakers, amplifiers, outdoor speaker cables & mounting hardware.

Outdoor Satellite Speaker for your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Outdoor Satellite Speakers

Outdoor landscape satellite speakers are trending nowadays because they can be placed anywhere.

Landscape speakers can be installed in your garden, mounted to deck or tree & pretty much anywhere where the speaker can fit.

Outdoor Subwoofer

Add deep bass to your music

There are 2 types of outdoor subwoofers available.

One is in-ground burial type that you can hide in a flower garden for example. Other type is hardscape subwoofer that sits on the ground anywhere you want.

Outdoor Speaker Installation
Planter Style Outdoor Speaker for your Rooftop Patio

Outdoor Planter Speakers

Planter type outdoor speakers

Planter type outdoor speakers disguise as planter box and fill the sound around you. And they sound as good as they look!

Seemless installation

Service you can trust!

We’ll make sure to install your outdoor audio speaker as seamless as possible in terms of wiring and speaker placement.

outdoor planter styles peakers

What Our Clients Say

“Knowledgeable, courteous, detail oriented and great value. 5 star execution and service.”
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Shane Stirling
“Professional and quick installation with lots of knowledge about the audio visual industry. I highly recommend.”
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Emily Hunt
“Excellent experience!! On time, full transparency regarding pricing, professional, and great installation! Would recommend whole heartedly.”
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Amer P
“Excellent service, very professional and helpful. Gave advice and explained every part of the job. Definitely recommend!”
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Brett Giesbrecht

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