Cima by Stewart Filmscreen – Neve 16:9 Aspect Ratio 1.1 Gain 2.5″ Frame

Cima by Stewart Filmscreen – Neve projector screen available in 110″, 123″ & 135″ sizes with fixed frame construction.
16:9 Aspect Ratio, 1.1 Gain, white screen material, supports 4K ~ 8K resolution, 2.5″ Velux Frame.

Did you know? Stewart Filmscreen projector screens are used as reference screens for post production in Hollywood.

Cima line was created by Stewart Filmscreen to serve the broader market with high demand pre-configured styles & sizes, while preserving quality control Stewart Filmscreen is known for, at more attractable prices.

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We do NOT sell products online & ONLY offer them locally in Toronto GTA. Please contact us to place an order.

Material Type: Flexible Front
Minimum Throw Distance: 1.0 x Image Width
Maximum Size: 7’6”(H) x 10’(W)
Edge Blending Properties: NA
Peak Gain: 1.1
Passive 3D Use: No
Half Gain: 80ΒΊ
Lay Flat Quality: Excellent
Ambient Light Rejection Value: 10%
Flame Resistance: Yes
Ambient Light Resistance: NA

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